Optimization or Pessimization?

For years I considered only social network optimization, not as any kind of social engineering but as a tool or technique offered to those who wanted it, to improve their own lives.

A problem has arisen, however.  The latest algorithm, Recursive Exhaustion,  has the potential to make society much worse.  It could be used for social network pessimization, (pessimization is a relatively new term, used largely in the C++ community).  Indeed, it could be used for social engineering in the worst of senses.

In a novel I have been working on, I address this problem through the means of a society of people dedicated to fighting the people who use it for evil.  In theory it could be used by governments instead, who could make its abuse illegal for anyone but law enforcement, but I do not trust governments.  Neither do the “good guys” in my novel.

See my account of how writing this book led me to my own (re?)discovery of this algorithm, with its potential for good or evil.

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