Explosive Recombination

drastic recombinationThis diagram illustrates the severe problem caused by a sudden revelation of all interpersonal compatibilities.   It shows a social network in which everyone is married to the wrong person.   When better connections are revealed, all marriages could break up within a short time.

The Blue and Pink boxes represent Male and Female individuals and the red lines between them are bonds of marriage.  Assume these couples are not neighbors.  The blue lines represent friendships between people of the same sex.  The thickness of a line represents compatibility. The difference between the narrow red lines on the left hand part and the thick red lines on the right reflect the fact that everyone is married to the wrong person.  A should not be married to B.  Instead A should be married to Z and B should be married to C.

Unlike the case discussed on my page about Choosing your Social Connections, which can be solved gradually, this situation could be explosive.


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